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2020 Bloomington South’s Indiana FIRST District Event Results

This last weekend the Tindley Trailblazers traveled to Bloomington South HS on Friday (03/07) and competed Saturday (03/08) and Sunday (03/09) at their first event of the season and had a fantastic showing!

FRC6721 Team Photo at Bloomington South 2020 IN District Event

They finished the event with a 7-5-0 record and were the number 8 seeded alliance captains! The team built a Jawa themed aesthetic around their robot design (this year’s game is Star Wars themed) so our team captain wore a Jawa costume when building their playoff alliance.

FRC6721 Alliance Selections at Bloomington South 2020 IN District Event

Although the team had a rough start to the event, with their scoring mechanism suffering a catastrophic failure in the first match, the students showed amazing resolve and a lot of grit, working and rebuilding their robot in between matches, while also competing strategically to end up as the top ranked defensive robot of the event. This type of high pressure, rapid response, strategic agility is what really sets this program apart from other STEM initiatives and provides students with the team building fundamentals needed to thrive in our modern industries.

FRC6721 Robot at Bloomington South 2020 IN District Event

The team also won the Gracious Professionalism award for our work in the community to build and sustain STEM programs, take in students from other schools, and share our limited resources with other groups in need. This is a high honor in FIRST and is judged by industry professionals who spend the weekend interviewing the students and reviewing their team presentations.

FRC6721 Award Photo at Bloomington South 2020 IN District Event

We wanted to thank our sponsors for making this program possible through their support and also invite everyone to our next competition (much closer to home) at Perry Meridian on March 27th and 28th! Expanded details are listed below:

IN District Perry Meridian Event
Friday, March 27 to Saturday, March 28, 2020
Perry Meridian High School
401 W Meridian School Road
Indianapolis, IN USA

Thank you again, and we hope everyone can make it to our next event to cheer the team onto another great performance at Perry Meridian!